Listening to the Pieces

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Preparing your Parts

Metronome Speeds

notes from Maestro Landis:

Approximate metronome speeds for June 23rd concert. Note: speeds may be different than those taken on the recordings used in preparing a CD for practicing or studying the pieces. where they are different the speeds listed here will be closer to what will actually be performed.

Thomas: Overture to “Raymond”

Allegro moderato March tempo [quarter note=120]

4 [meno mosso] [quarter note=92]

6 [Andantino] in 4 [tempo di gavotte] [eighth note=108]

13 [slower] [eighth note=95]

15 Allegro con moto [March tempo] [quarter note=128]

2 before 22: Big Ritard [recording doesn’t observe]

22 meno mosso [quarter note=108]

26 piu moto [quarter note=128]

Haydn: Symphony No. 100 [“Military”]

Mvt. I Adagio [quarter note=60] in 4

           Allegro [half note=108] in 2  No Repeat

Mvt. II Allegretto [half note=69] in 2

Mvt. III Menuetto [quarter note=116] in 3 Take All Repeats

Mvt. IV Presto [dotted quarter=132] in 2 Take All Repeats

Sullivan: Overture to “Ruddigore” [Geoffrey Toye version]

Grave [eighth note=108] in 6

Allegro energico [bar 5] [quarter note=116] in 4

Letter D [Misterioso] [dotted quarter=60] in 2

Letter E [Allegretto grazioso] [quarter note=112] in 4

three bars before Allegro in 2, reaches tempo at

Allegro [half note=112]in 2

Letter Q slight pullback to half-note=106

Suppe: Overture to “Poet and Peasant”

Andante maestoso [quarter note=60] 

7 Allegro strepitoso [quarter note=152]

9 Allegro [quarter note=144]

13 Allegretto [Tempo di Valse] dotted quarter=56  in 1

15 Tempo 1 [quarter note=144]

19 Sostenuto [quarter note=72]

20 Allegretto [same as at 13]

22 Tempo 1 [same as at 15]

Borodin: “On the Steppes of Central Asia”

quarter note=80

Van Anrooy: “Piet Hein” [A Dutch Rhapsody]

There are three basic tempi for this piece: quarter note=88; quarter note=98; and quarter note=108

Allegro giocoso [98]

ritard into Poco tranquillo [bar 46] [88]

Poco piu mosso [bar 70] [108]

a tempo ma tranquillo [bar 85] [98]

Poco piu animato [bar 104] [108]

Poco tranquillo [3/4 142] [88]

stringendo after Letter J very fast accel to….

Poco piu mosso [bar 218] [quarter note=160 very fast!]

Ritard into Variation 1

Variation 1 [bar 241] [quarter note=120]

Poco animato [same tempo basically], ritard into

Tempo 1 [bar 304] [98]

A tempo vivo [bar 329] [108]

Variation II [bar 359] [108]

Big rit. at Letter U

Allegro pomposo [bar 405] like the beginning [98]

Piu animato [bar 417] [108] accel to letter W

Molto vivace [dotted quarter=120 to end]

J. Strauss Junior: Artist's Life Waltzes

Andante moderato [dotted quarter=52] [in 2]

Letter B Tempo di Valse [ dotted half-note=62] [in one]

letter double a [aa] gradual accel. to end  


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